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Inspector HVdc Specialities and Switchyards

St. John's & Muskrat Falls

Closing Date
Monday, August 05, 2013

Job Description

Upstream Solutions Inc is currently seeking qualified candidates for two positions of Inspector HVdc Specialities and Switchyards to support the Lower Churchill Project located in St. John's & Muskrat Falls.

Reporting to the Site Quality Manager - Inspector HVdc Specialities and Switchyards , direction and guidance will be provided, however the incumbent should be capable of functioning with a limited level of supervision.
This position has no direct reports, however the incumbent is responsible for QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection of all construction activities.
  • The incumbent will work closely with the Site Construction Management Team to implement and participate in QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection programs and activities for construction and installation activities of Contractors and Suppliers at Muskrat Falls ; Ensure Contractors and Suppliers' QA/QC programs are implemented and effective; To verify and assure satisfactory quality performance of the work by Contractors and Supplier's at site.
  • Implement all applicable QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection plans, procedures and checklists for inspecting and reporting of the work activities at Muskrat Falls; Perform QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection of the work (bulk excavation, site infrastructure, dams and spillway, reservoir, intake, powerhouse, turbine generator and balance of plant), on behalf of Nalcor Energy, to ensure contractors' and suppliers' quality programs are fully implemented and effective through review and acceptance of contractors' quality documentation (including inspection and test plans, procedures, quality records, final documentation, etc.);
  • Ensure full compliance with the regulatory requirements, technical specifications, drawings and any special supplier installation procedures as defined in contractors and suppliers' inspection and test plans;
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly inspection reports and maintain quality control files of all on-going construction work;
  • Implement the quality audit and surveillance plan and issue reports such as corrective actions, nonconformances, and observations;
  • Work with Contractors and Suppliers to ensure clarity in understanding project and technical requirements;
  • Interface daily with the engineering team to ensure compliance to all technical specifications and drawings for selected scopes;
  • Review documentation received from contractor (material specification, method statements, Inspection and Test Plans, drawings, test results, other technical documentation, etc.) for implementation and compliance;
  • Attend construction meetings as required;
  • Ensure turnover documentation is complete; and
  • Work with contractors and suppliers to ensure all audit findings, NCR, etc. are closed
Technical Diploma in Civil Engineering or a related discipline, supplemented by experience in construction QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection activities for large civil projects, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum 10 years of field experience in performing QA/QC oversight, monitoring, surveillance and inspection activities on large construction projects;
  • Experience with implementing quality programs for large capital projects, with a good exposure to civil works;
  • Experience working with international contractors on large civil projects
  • Experience with civil works, specifically bulk excavation, including site investigation, overburden and rock excavation, backfilling, compaction, piling, road construction, concrete pouring, construction of cofferdams, rock filled dams and sediment ponds, rock bolting, rock dowels, welded wire mesh, shotcrete, etc.;
  • Experience with installation, connection and commissioning of site infrastructure including, but not limited to accommodations and administrative buildings, water treatment and distribution systems including valves, hydrants, and service connections, sewage treatment plant and distribution system, etc.
  • Experience with construction of hydroelectric projects, specifically intake, powerhouse, spillway and transition dams, turbine and generator and balance of plant;
  • Experience in execution of inspection and test plans;
  • Previous experience with auditing construction QA programs;
  • Experience working in a team environment;
  • Working knowledge of incident investigation / root cause analysis;
  • Good knowledge of civil engineering principles, standards and regulations relating to construction, inspection and safety standards;
  • Strong technical and communication skills to effectively interact with contractor, consultant and owner teams;
  • Must be a team player but maintain the ability to work independently;
  • Strong knowledge of Quality Management principles and ISO 9001 standard;
  • Demonstrated commitment to Quality Assurance issues;
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Word and Excel is preferred; and
  • Incumbent must be willing to work at site.

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